Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Designs

I've been working for a few weeks on a number of different bottle designs. I have finally finished two of them, though five more are still in progress. Yesterday I finally listed a set that I had finished. Thus, I present to you my newest designs for my Fairy Dust bottle set:

One of my viewers on SheezyArt noted to me that the first set I made didn't match up all that well. The forest and fire fairy bottles looked good together, but the other three didn't seem to fit. I agreed with her, and in fact it nagged at me so that I went ahead and redesigned the labels for all of them except the fire fairy dust bottle. I think they look much better now.

I listed each of the bottles singly and also as a set for a discounted price. You can buy the entire set of Fairy Dust Bottles for one price, essentially getting one bottle free! I also still have listed the older dust bottle designs, in case you liked those more.

I will be listing another new bottle either later today or tomorrow as well. I'll talk about that bottle in my next blog entry--I'm quite excited about it. It took a LOT of work to get this one done.

I also have some Artist Trading Cards in progress as well. One is completely finished, another is 98% finished, and all the others are in various stages of beginning and completion. However, I realized I haven't posted any of the previous ATCs I do have finished, so here are a couple:

These two kitty-loaf ATCs are done in primarily felt. Their mouths are hand-stitched. Both are available for trade if you're interested.

My feature today is Galaxy Glass Studios. Glass is a weakness of mine; I love the look of it. The vibrancy of the colors as the sun passes through them. How some glass can be translucent, and yet you can't see anything through it. I love it.

Galaxy Glass Studios really tempts me. Jerry and Laura (store owners and glass artists) create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry out of glass. I was particularly drawn to a pair of green earrings. The two-tone color caught my eye, it helps that green is my favorite color, and the center is all sparkly. The way they are twisted makes them look so delicate and beautiful.

Jerry and Laura's store is also filled with other types of earrings and gorgeous pendants made of dichroic glass. You won't be dissapointed when you "step into" this store.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Still Around

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I am still around. I have been busy, and waiting on supplies to come in the mail. I'm currently only waiting on one more shipment.

I had a crazy weekend along with a horrible experience donating blood. Let's just say 45 minutes afterward I vomited and passed out, and they had to use smelling salts on me and it was horrible. I wanted to get some pictures taken and post a bottle yesterday, but I was still recuperating from my blood-donating experience Sunday. It's amazing how weak that can leave you.

The same night as my episode, my mother-in-law fell and hurt her knee badly. She now has stitches inside and staples outside and can't bend her knee for a full 10 days. She needs prayers for patience and healing; she HATES being confined.

Soon I will also be working on a redesign of my husband's website: Tales from Planet Z. He is almost ready to get started on issue 3! I'm so excited! I think everyone will just love it. More to come when we get a little farther into that.

Today's amazingly unique feature is a store I found on ArtFire called Spoon Bracelets. That's right; bracelets made out of spoons. Making bracelets out of spoons isn't my first thought when I think of a great way to recycle and re-purpose things. My first thought is something along the lines of "Oh, that sounds cheezy and kind of gross. Can't make for anything nice looking." Not only does this artist make spoon jewelry look good: it looks gorgeous! At first glance you would never say "That used to be a spoon!"

Looking through the shop, I also see that the artist makes spoon rings, too, though I'm still partial to the bracelets. Gorgeous jewelry and great conversation peices as well, one of these bracelets is definitely going on my wishlist.