Sunday, September 27, 2009

Luck and Halloween

Working on a number of new bottles lately. I have a few done, but have only managed to take pictures of one so far. Thus, I allow you to feast your eyes upon my new "Luck" themed bottle.

From my store description: This tiny little bottle is filled with chamomile for luck, flax seed for protection, smoky quartz for calm, and calcite for wisdom. The outside of the bottle is decorated with a gold triquetra, which is the celtic symbol for luck and the trinity.

Here's a sneak-peak at another bottle I'm working on:I really like the way the design on the outside of the bottle has turned out for this one. Check back next time for the completed version!

In other news, The Geekery Guild on ArtFire is having a Halloween challenge this month. I am very happy to be taking part in this challenge, so expect some Halloween-themed-geekery items soon. The contest ends on October 21st, so I've got to have my items done before then!

On the Halloween challenge note, I decided to feature ArchaicSculpture, who is the first guild member to already submit an entry.

Not only was I intrigued by these Rainbow Blight Buttons for the interesting concept, but I was hooked when I read the maker's awesome description:

"After three years of trembling at the havoc my children would cause me….I have set them loose. My zombie children have awakened to Kill, Mame, Destroy, and Hiss at the corporate beasts selling us old ideas and recycled thoughts their grotesque laziness has resurrected the 80’s. As have I, yet my children are hungry for flesh their rotting corpses Lear mockingly at those idealess corporations of old. This generation will rise with the fallen and clutch at the thrones, claw their way to the strongholds, creativity will flow again as the rot of my children infects and corrupts those obscene Goliaths. I present my children……Rainbow Blight Buttons"

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